The #amreading Community

If you live on an island like me (raise your hand…no? no one else?) or if you live in your own little bubble in the middle of a city, jungle or town, you may have heard of the online book loving community.

You may have searched the hashtags on twitter, snuck in the odd book review youtube video, ogled over beautiful instagram feeds and browsed through the countless fabulous book blogs out there.

But where is the best place to start?

Twitter Chat Groups

On twitter there’s a great group that meets every Friday at 8GMT and you can find the group, led by Lucy Powrie at #ukyachat for a natter about the best YA out there, the books that really sing and the books you love to curl up with on the long winter nights until the spring. There are even guest authors, and a smattering of UK authors who love to join in the chat.

Instagram Feeds

There’s also the very many Instagram feeds, the bookstagram accounts where stunning debuts are pictured on bookshelves, in hands or sometimes with toes! And the owners gush about their brilliance. A couple of my favourites are @silkereads, @sweptawaybybooks who love classical, YA, literary fiction…and are so worth looking up if only for some bookish eye candy!

Booktube and Book Bloggers

Then there’s the book bloggers on youtube and their websites. The busy bookworms who burrow through countless stories, show off their treasured ARCs, all to wax lyrical over tales they adore. They usually have colossal TBR piles, a million and one thoughts on the latest debut and very strong opinions on coffee vs tea.

Some great ones to follow are;






But these are just a handful out of many, many more who keep the #amreading community alive and kicking and buzzing from morning until night.

Who is your favourite book blogger?



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