For the Love of Half Term

Who is loving half term? It feels like a holiday, no strict routine, less structure, more space and time for treats and fun. But it’s only a week, so it’s novel, the girls can bake, paint, go on muddy walks and build pillow forts, we can hang out in our pjs all morning because….well, just because. It’s been a little stormy, but the sun has really shone as well and I’ve been out and about as much as possible with the girls, finding the sunshine and hiding from the wind.


I have to put aside Frenchman’s Creek by Daphne Du Maurier for now, as I have two wonderful debuts to read and review over the next three weeks and I need (need) to read Wuthering Heights for the Bronte Book Club!


So this week we have baked scones, forgotten it was pancake day, watched the sun sparkle on the sea, had a few cafe dates, gone to a family yoga class and on Valentines Day, I got to go to Star Castle Hotel for the first time and have a fabulous meal. Half term gets a thumbs up from me!


What are you all reading?



2 thoughts on “For the Love of Half Term”

  1. It sounds like you’ve been having a wonderful time! I’m glad everything has been going well for you. 🙂 I recently just finished a book, so now I’m debating on what to read next. I have 4 to choose from! Decisions, decisions.

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