Here are some links to the resources I find really helpful. There are so, sooo many more and I will keep updating the list.


88 Cups of Tea – a series of podcasts chock full of inspiration and tips

Writing Websites

Susan Dennard – this author is the Queen of writerly advice, and a fabulous writer

Query Tracker – if you’re a writer in the query trenches, this is a great resource to track down excellent agents

SCBWI  –  if you’re serious about being a children’s writer or illustrator, be that picture books right through to young adult, you would benefit from joining the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. They have regular events, competitions and it’s great to be affiliated with a professional body!

Pub Crawl  –  these guys talk about books, writing and everything else. They’re really established and are a real ‘go to’ place for articles and blog posts

Novel Writing Comps   –  this girl, Jessica Davidson updates this list pretty regularly. If you want to keep informed of all the up and coming novel writing comps, go here. Then bookmark the page!

You Tubers & Booktubers

Kim Chance – Kim wrote Keeper which I reviewed here she started with a vlog, talking about writing, editing, tips, tricks and her own journey to find an agent and pub deal.

Kristen Martin – this girl is basically the Queen of self pub. She’s made herself a great writing career and published books through amazon – one of which was on the bestseller list

Jenna Moreci  – she is super, super popular and covers every subject under the sun to do with writing

Lucy the Reader  – Lucy loves books, anything bookish and vlogs regularly about book hauls, her own writing journey and reviews and recommendations

Alexa Donne  –  look out for Alexa’s book, Brightly Burning which she says is ‘Jane Eyre in space’! I know, I’m intrigued too. She talks about anything and everything to do with writing and the publishing industry, including the taboo subject of money